Safety Committee

Brian Brunat

Mike Hannan

Kyle Covemaker

Nick Mitton

​Cory Siem

Josh Kovac

Greg Rothbardt

Dan Ward

Our commitment to keeping our employees safe

It is the policy of General Constructors, Inc. to prevent accidents, thus providing more efficient utilization of resources, creating safe and healthful conditions of operations and employment, promoting safe practices by employees and subcontractors on and off the job.  Accordingly, General Constructors, Inc. has established a safety program which involves the conduct of a continuing vigorous effort toward the prevention of accidents in all operations and activities at the work site, and insuring that safe practices and physical standards are incorporated in our training program. All personnel are required to comply with all safety and health regulations and codes and adhere to safety procedures at all times.

Continuous enforcement of safety rules and procedures is mandatory for effective supervision.  Supervisors are key personnel in any safety and health program, and are expected to lead the way for their subordinates in order that all personnel will do an effective job in fulfilling their safety and health responsibility

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