Lake Delhi Dam Reconstruction Project Phase II

Delhi, IA
Lake Delhi Combined Recreational and Water Conservation District
Stanley Consulting Engineers
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General Contracting

The scope of this project was to build a labyrinth spillway dam structure in the Maquoketa River to re-establish the former Lake Delhi.  Installation of the dam included design and construction of a temporary coffer dam to protect the construction from the upstream and downstream water flows, design and installation of a groundwater dewatering system to lower the water level at our construction site, installation of over 20,000 cubic yards of glacial till embankment fill for support under the concrete dam, installation of 24,000 square feet of sheet pile to aid in cutting off water flow below the new dam, installation of the concrete spillway/dam which included over 6000 cubic yards of concrete, nearly 1 million pounds of reinforcing steel.  Around the site we installed an observation patio, a parking lot and perimeter fencing and gates. The project duration was just over 1 year from start to finish. 

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